Big D and The Kids Table Perform Live on WAAF Bay State Rock Show

WAAF | Photo via

Earlier this week, Boston ska/punk band Big D and the Kids Table paid WAAF a visit for an in-studio performance. WAAF  107.3 FM is a commercial rock radio station based in Allston, claiming to be the longest running rock radio station in Boston. The they play a low-key acoustic-style set with horns and The Doped Up Dollies, their harmonizing female backing vocalists. Shortly after their appearance, they posted the audio tracks to their YouTube channel. Watch them below. “Main Squeeze” is my favorite of the set. Head to the band’s Facebook page to see pictures from the visit.

UPDATE 3/23/14 10:45 PM: Big D has posted the actual interview with WAAF in two YouTube clips. They’ve been aded to the end of the playlist below.

Big D And The Kids Table | WAAF
Photo via Big D’s Facebook Page

Big D and the Kids Table most recently released a 2-disc DVD chronicling the bands 18-year history. Pick it up at the Silver Sprocket web store.

WAAF Setlist, March 2014

  1. Been Wishing On
  2. Good Luck
  3. Fly Away
  4. Main Squeeze
  5. Pinball
  6. Interview 1/2
  7. Interview 2/2

WAAF Sticker photo via Radio Sticker of the Day