Big D Is “Fluent” in Great Album Shows

When Big D and the Kids Table released “Fluent in Stroll” in 2009, it drew many fans away because of the more relaxed, positive, slower vibe compared to Big D’s harder and angrier previous records. But I loved it from the second I heard it. It was a natural progression for the band and you could tell they poured their heart into it. Because of that reception, they often strayed from playing songs off this record at their shows which was unfortunate because there are some really, really beautiful songs on it, and it gave us The Doped Up Dollies which have become right up there with Big D as my favorite musical acts.

Last night they played the record in its entirety to celebrate its tenth anniversary and it was incredible to see a packed house now losing their shit over these beautiful songs. And lead singer Dave McWane himself was overwhelmed which I’m sure was an amazing payoff after all these years. David is a great man and hearing him say how much the crowd reaction meant to him was the coolest thing I’ve seen in my 22 Big D shows.

It was such an incredible show with a beautiful energy in the room. The only thing missing was the third Dollie Brie, but Erin MacKenzie and the original Dollie Sirae Richardson owned the stage as always. It was an outstanding evening and a well-deserved celebration of a truly beautiful record. What an honor it was to be there.

The post originally appeared on Michael Spada’s Instagram account and has been reposted with permission.

WATCH: Big D and the Kids Table Perform “Doped Up Dollies On a One Way Ticket To Blood,” the first track from their 2009 album “Fluent in Stroll,” June 8, 2019 at Brighton Music Hall.

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