DCDR Perform Song in a Ska Style at Sound Lion in Harvard Square

DCDR Band Photo

Yesterday, the Boston Scene Party hosted an in-store performance at Sound Lion in Harvard Square, the first in a monthly series. The first featured artist, grunge-y rock and punk band DCDR played a stripped down (acoustic, but with a bassist and drummer) set to a crowd of fans and shoppers. You can read more about this partnership between Sound Lion and Boston music bloggers here. In short, a local band will have their record or album featured in store, and those who buy the album will get 10% off their Sound Lion purchase. Not a bad deal if you’re in the market for serious headphones and listening gear.

DCDR released an 8-song CD entitled “Raw” earlier this year. During their performance, the band unexpectedly announced they were going to perform “Helium” in a ska/punk style. You can stream the original over at Dying Scene. Not knowing the original version of the song, or whether or not they could pull off a ska tune, I pulled out my phone just in case to record. You can watch the recording below. I mostly appreciated that they said they would try to do it ska without making ska the butt of a joke, as is so often the case. I think it came out damn good.

I picked up their CD while was there and I’m really digging it. Their next show is January 7 at the Middle East Upstairs. And next time you’re in Harvard square, or you find yourself shopping for audio gear, visit by Sound Lion to see what they’ve got. The staff is very helpful and they want to see you leave with the right set of headphones.