Go Behind the Scenes on a Doped Up Dollies Music Video Shoot

Today, The Doped Up Dollies posted a video capturing the filming process for a music video for “Me, Fireman & Lion.” This will be the first music video from their debut record “The New Way Out” released earlier this year. This footage showcases time spent in the studio. Earlier this year, they shared footage of them out and about filming for the same video. I always find it fun to watch a band perform in front of a blue screen; we don’t know what the intended background is and they must act outside of the environment the film is trying to portray.

The backing track is “Be Free” from the same album. “Me, Fireman & Lion” is more of a reggae tune. Watch the video clips and listen to the tune below.

See footage from the video shoot posted in August.

Listen to “Me, Fireman & Lion” off of “The New Way Out”