Listen to 6 New Songs from Alex Stern

Alex Stern by Mark Stern Photography

Photo by Mark Stern Photography

Since we last checked in with him in January, Big D guitarist and Pomps frontman Alex Stern has released another six songs as part of his song-a-week-in-2015 campaign. He’s now up to 11 tracks, an album’s worth of new music. At the rate he’s going, he’ll have released four albums worth of new music in a year. Consider that the average artist might release a new album every two years and this starts to become very impressive.

For your convenience, we’ve collected the songs below, broken them down into two three-song EPs sorted by month., and given you a play by play:


February’s gave us more of what Alex does best, power pop and new wave. The catchy chorus words of “Addicted to Sadness” are an apologetic “I’m sorry I won’t grow up.” Is this nostalgia for youthful angst? “Things About Each Other” is a stadium jam and “What She Wants She Gets” is cut from the same  new wave cloth.



March brought us punk, ska, and twangy guitars. “Hey Guys, I Brought Beer” brings a melodic raucous guitar lick over a punk beat. And horns! We love horns! “Praise for Them” is the first ska track in this series. It’s got a great traditional vibe and a twangy guitar hook, and ends on a ghostly, eerie note. The most recent song, “Edmonton (Don’t Go Back To)” is a slower, swingy jam with some harmonica. All in all, it’s a great blend and I’m looking forward to what comes next!

In related Alex Stern news, he’s of course involved with The Doped Up Dollies recording sessions and The Pomps recently posted that they’re headed back to the studio in April and that there’s potential touring in the works.