MUSIC VIDEO: Big D and the Kids Table – “Oi DJ”

You might remember a few months back when Big D and the Kids Table put out a call looking for local skaters to appear in a music video. They were filming a video for the song “Oi DJ” released last October as part of a 7-inch split with their sister band, The Doped Up Dollies. The song itself is classic two-tone style Big D with guest vocals from The Doped Up Dollies and New York songstress Maddie Ruthless. The video, as promised, appears to have been shot at at the POP Allston skate park.

From the band:

This single was recorded on a day off touring Canada by Steve Rizun @ Drive Entertainment and later vocals were tracked by Jay Maas at Getaway Released. Put out on Strictly Rude records, this single can only be nabbed by finding a physical 7″ vinyl copy at Big D & DupD shows or digitally on iTunes. Directed by Craig Shannon.

Also Amazon, because DRM isn’t for everyone. Spotify, too, if that’s your thing. Director Craig Shannon was also involved in the making of the Doped Up Dollies Video “Me, Fireman & Lion.”

Catch the band perform “Oi DJ” live at Brighton Music Hall last October.

Big D and the Kids Table is currently due to tour Europe and does not yet have any stateside dates schedule. It’s about the time of year when they announce their annual Halloween shows. Keep your eyes glued to the calendar.