MUSIC VIDEO: The Doped Up Dollies – “Me, Fireman & Lion”

The Doped Up Dollies have made a┬ámusic video for “Me, Fireman & Lion,” the third track off of their debut record “The New Way Out.” You might remember the band posting behind-the-scenes footage from the making of this video. This song was also included on the recent RareBreed Recording Company winter sampler. Watch below.

I originally thought the funding for this video came from the kickstarter that funded the album. Turns out, in true Big D spirit, it was powered by friends. Big D vocalist David McWane comments:

This video was created by a group of friends sharing their artistry. The total cost was $300 and that was spent on beer and pizza. Music isn’t always a quest for fame, but it is always a fun time with friends.

Given the production value on this music video, I’d say they’ve got some damn good friends in their circle!

Read our in-depth review of “The New Way Out” from earlier this year.

Jacob Wake Up!

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