The New Limits Release Live Record

Typically, when I’m writing about my own band, I do my best to share the news as objectively as I can and then awkwardly bury a disclaimer at the end. I figured this time I’d just be up front about it. My band The New Limits just released an album of songs recorded live on the air at WEMF Cambridge earlier this year. The record features 3 new songs and 2 tracks from our January 2015 EP “Pressure Up.” I’m really proud of it.

In April 2015, The New Limits were invited by DIY aficionado and WEMF radio host Andrew “F-Word” Lowery (FORT! The Band, Meracula) to visit his show D.I.Why. Between conversations about the state of the ska scene and the band’s influences–that conversation is available in podcast form–The New Limits performed 5 songs. Recorded in one take with no overdubs, this performance captures us at our best, playing a variety of styles underneath the ska umbrella.

The album is available for free on bandcamp. Listen below.

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Don’t believe it was live? Here’s the footage to prove it happened.*

*I realize the video proves nothing. I needed a segue.