The Screw-Ups Perform “No Truth” Live at Midway Cafe

Friday night, The Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain hosted a night of punk and ska featuring some of our favorites, The Screw-Ups, Threat Level Burgundy, and Hobo Chili. It was a high-energy night and the crowd was great. Threat Level Burgundy covered The Aquabats’ “Super Rad” and there was a fun singalong for “You’re Wondering Now,” played by The Screw-Ups. Hobo Chili, the band that made the night happen, brought a really rich range of sounds and styles, keeping the crowd moving and grooving.

I was able to capture video of The Screw-Ups playing their reggae jam “No Truth.” This tune is one of my favorites of theirs. Saxist Nico Bonvini recorded it with an alto so it was cool to hear it with a tenor. The band grooved hard. Enjoy the video above. The track appears on their 2013 EP. Listen to the original below.


Check out a few photos from the show below.

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