The Takeaways Release Final Track “Problems”

Takeaways Final Track

“It’s always Monday morning somewhere” is a timeless saying that is apparently pretty widely used by pessimists and sad assholes everywhere. While we’ve done the math and realize that statement is not in any way realistic and also that it demonstrates a poor understanding of what time zones are, even we feel the crushing weight of a new work week’s beginning every time we are reminded that Boston ska-punk-folk act The Takeaways are no longer playing shows. Luckily, the band has released what is to be the final track they will be putting out as a band, titled “Problems”. This comes a few months after the band’s final show at The Monkey Palace in Jamaica Plain last September, and is the first new track since The City (you can read our review of that LP here). The track itself starts off with singer/guitarist Isaiah Rosenberg mostly unaccompanied in a verse that has an anxious edge to it (very apt considering the track’s title/subject matter) before unraveling into a breakneck beat that shows off the punk side of band’s folk-punk leanings. According to the track’s bandcamp page, the song “was recorded in a dark depressing bedroom and is intended to be listened to in a dark depressing bedroom”, which is either the best or worst way to start off your Monday morning. Listen to “Problems” below, and pour one out (coffee, most likely, or malt liquor if you like to live dangerously) this morning, R.I.P. The Takeaways.