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This Week in Alex Stern: Somber Acoustic Ska

Photo by Mark Stern Photography

It’s been a couple months since we last checked in with our loyal Boston song-smith Alex Stern. As promised, he’s been cranking out the tunes on the regular for the last 10 months. I truly can’t fathom the commitment and discipline it takes to consistently writer, record, and publish. Kudos to you, Alex.

This week’s song is a stripped down acoustic ska song reminiscent of Chris Murray’s style, but with Alex’s distinctive voice, complete with hand claps and melodica (or harmonica? I can never tell). Listen below¬†and¬†then head to bandcamp and support his work. Each tune is only $1. I suggest picking out 10 and calling it an album. You’ll be happy you did.

Jacob Wake Up!

Jacob Wake Up! is managing editor of Boston Ska (dot) net. He's been going to ska shows since high school and never looked back. Jake lives in Roslindale and works in communications by day. You can see him perform with The New Limits or strike up conversation with him at a local ska show.

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