Throwback Thursday: Mighty Mighty BossToneS Perform on The Jon Stewart Show

It seems like just yesterday that Jon Stewart was taking over the Daily Show from Craig Kilborn and they were phasing out my beloved 5 questions. Yet, here we are bidding farewell to Jon Stewart as he hands the keys to his desk to the next anchor. Before he was the host of the Comedy Central show, he was hosting The Jon Stewart Show on MTV in the early 90s. Some called it the golden age of MTV. I wouldn’t know for sure because I was just young enough that my parents forbid me from watching MTV, but old enough that I’d sneak out of my room and watch it anyways. More importantly, it was an era of music on MTV. One of Jon’s guests was the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The description on the video has it pegged as 1994 and that sounds right given the timing of the TV show. This would have been a early TV opportunity in a pre-Clueless era for the Bosstones.

Watch the Bosstones perform “Pictures to Prove It”

Off of the 1994 record “Question The Answers”

Watch MMB perform “Howwhywuz, Howwhyam”

Off of the 1990 record “Devil’s Night Out”

For more videos from the 90s, please visit the YouTube channel of Skibbz778 which is a veritable treasure trove of footage from that era.