Throwback Thursday: Westbound Train in North Carolina on Ska Is Dead Tour, 2005

Ska Is Dead

Don’t kid yourself, we’re not above hopping on the “Throwback Thursday” bandwagon. Us ska kids are just as into nostalgia just as much as anyone else, if not more. I was psyched to stumble across this video of a Westbound Train set from 2005. They’re on the Ska Is Dead Tour with Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Toasters, The Planet Smashers, and The Madd Hatters at The Casbah in Charlotte, NC. The audio is great. The setlist is very heavy on tunes off Transitions with a few songs from Five To Two and the band is in top form!


  1. (Intro)
  2. seven ways to sunday
  3. Forever
  4. Sorry Mama
  5. Soul Revival Featuring Chris Rhodes on Trombone
  6. A New Hope
  7. I Feel Fine
  8. The Test
  9. The Runaround
  10. Bigger Things in Mind