VIDEO: Big D and the Kids Table Perform Acoustic Set in Allston

Last Friday night, an intimate crowd was treated to a surprise acoustic Big D and the Kids Table set featuring their lead singer Dave McWane, guitarist Alex Stern, and [former?] bassist Steve Foot. The show was held at Mass Apparel in Allston where fans were treated to an acoustic set by Nebraskan Punks No Tide (watch their set here) and Nick & the Adversaries featuring Nick Bacon of Pilfers, also supported by Alex and Steve. Most importantly, the venue bought pizza for everyone who attended.

I really enjoyed the whole set. David sang through a delay pedal, adding a new dynamic to your typical acoustic sets. They chatted with the crowd, took requests, and played a good mix of their tunes.

This video and the No Tide set were all recorded by Alex DiVincenzo. Subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Set List

  1. She Knows Her Way
  2. Healthy Body Sick Mind (Operation Ivy cover)
  3. Sound System (Operation Ivy cover)
  4. Wailing Paddle (The Rudiments cover)
  5. Little Bitch (The Specials cover)
  6. (We All Have To) Burn Something
  7. Describing The Sky
  8. Find Out
  9. Steady Riot
  10. Breaking The Bottle
  11. Try Out Your Voice
  12. Flashlight
  13. Don’t Compare Me To You
  14. Bender