Video of The Pomps Live at Midway Cafe… Finally!

If you haven’t noticed, every time we preview a show featuring The Pomps, we use the same clips their bandcamp page. There just haven’t been so many YouTube clips to give you a sense of them live. YouTuber Athiestpeace69 to the rescue! A week ago they played at Midway Cafe with Stray Bullets and others. We’re totally spoiled by the internet these days. Wait for the live album? Meh!

The Pomps – “Halo / A Shakey Truce” – Midway Cafe, JP, 1/18/14


“Golden Fleece”

“The Pomps in the Arena”

And since Stray Bullets were also on the bill that night, here they are doing a two-tone tempo version of “Police and Thieves”