VIDEO: The New Limits Play Acoustic Set at Sound Lion


This past April, Boston Ska (dot) net was the curator of the Boston Scene Party’s Band of the Month. The chosen band was The New Limits and we* played a stripped down set live at Sound Lion in Harvard Square. We’ve posted four of the songs we played that night. Instead of our usual 8-piece sound, I was on acoustic, our singer Matty played Melodica, and our drummer Tom played with fewer pieces in his kit. This was both so we could physically fit in the space, but also to give us the chance to play our songs in new ways. Our two-tone “Compass” was played as a reggae tune and our 3rd-waver “Transitions” was played on the rocksteady side. This might also be the only recording we’ve got of our reggae jam “Part of Me.”

Watch below. Try not to get distracted by “Point Break” playing on the TV in the background (I promise it was really funny when it was happening). As we post more videos, we’ll add them to the playlist.

The New Limits next perform Friday, July 17 with The Slackers on their annual Rock On! Concert Cruise.

* Disclosure Statement: I’m both the managing editor of Boston Ska (dot) net and the guitarist for The New Limits. Do with that what you will.