VIDEO: Two Full Bim Skala Bim Sets from Recent New England Gigs

In case you missed it, Bim Skala Bim spent Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend on a brief winter tour taking them across New England. For those who couldn’t make it to any of the shows, Bim did you the favor of recording two of the nights. In both cases, the camera is on stage somewhere and the audio is pretty good.

At Johnny D’s in Somerville, the band captured the first one-hour set from just to the side of the drums, a treat for high hat enthusiasts everywhere, I’m sure.

Set 2 from that same night is shorter. Pardon the first minute or so as they move the camera from the side of the drummer to just behind the keyboard player. It’s always interesting to see things from the band’s perspective! Funny enough, they left the camera running past their sing-a-long take on Johnny Kid’s “Shakin’ All Over” closer, so you even get the full experience of the bar clearing out at the end of the night.

On January 18, the band performed in Worcester at the Lucky Dog as part of Wormtown Ska Fest. We’re hoping this is the first annual of this affair. The audio isn’t as bright, but you get a good mix. You also get a solid hour of music, from “Jah Laundromat” to “Lorraine.”

Subscribe to the band’s YouTube channel for more offerings from them just like this. Video not cutting it for you? It seems to me as if the band has been performing every six months or so, your chance might come sooner than you think! Stay tuned to our calendar for updated show listings.