WATCH: Thaddeus Merritt Trio Covers The Police’s “Walking on the Moon”

Bassist Thaddeus Merritt and his trio have posted another video of their laid back bass-driven reggae. You may have seen this trio perform a cover of Westbound Train’s “The Test” or at our most recent party at O’Brien’s. This time they’re covering “Walking on the Moon,” the 1979 single by The Police. They maintain a lot of the same reggae feel of the original, but they perform it as an instrumental jam. They give a shout out in the video to Galaxy Park Studios in Watertown where this appears to have been recorded in one take. Thaddeus Merritt leads the band with his melodic bass playing, and he’s joined by Jacob Cole on percussion, and Alex Stern (The Pomps, Big D and the Kids Table) on guitar. You can hear the original version of the song below if you’re not familiar with it.