The New Limits Cover The Slackers’ “Tonight” Without a Drum Kit (Oops)

The story goes like this. Boston ska band The New Limits had a rehearsal. They showed up to the rehearsal studio to find out that they (Jake, really) had not actually booked the room. Oops. They make the best of the situation by finding an empty living room with accommodating neighbors and try to rehearse. However, they don’t have things like microphones, a PA system, or—the most glaring —a drum kit. Refusing to let that all get them down, they hold a rehearsal anyways and this impromptu cover of The Slackers’ classic “Tonight” happened.

The New Limits recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and are currently in the studio recording new music.’s Guide To The 2018 Hometown Throwdown Lineup

Better late than never, right? Ever since The Bosstones announced the dates for this year’s Throwdown, we’ve been clamoring for any info on openers, which to us are one of the key perks of the annual tradition. This year’s lineup announcement came later than in years past, which could have been the result of anything from scheduling conflicts to the band actively wanting to make us sweat over the details.