Big D and the Kids Table to Provide Domo Movie Theme Song

Are you familiar with this Domo guy? He’s familiar but I can’t say I actually know what he is. In spite of having a giant mouth with sharp teeth, he’s got this lovable teddy bear vibe. Also, there’s a Warped Tour Stage named after him. There are a ton of short videos featuring him on YouTube, most coming in under 5 minutes. It’s the kind of cute stop-animation stuff that gets you labeled an internet “sensation.” Kidsscreen reports that He’ll be starring in a 24-minute special. Domo himself is voiceless but the movie will star George Takei and our own Big D and the Kids Table will provide the theme music.

Written and directed by Little Airplane founder Josh Selig, Domo Rock! begins with Domo receiving a call from an agent in L.A. inviting him and his band to play a concert in Hollywood. However, at the airport he’s told he can’t board the plane with his beloved guitar, so he’s now forced to embark on an epic roadtrip by skateboard, train, boat and motorcycle through Cairo, Paris, London and New York to get to his gig on time.

I think I’m somehow more confused than when I started. Your best bet is to subscribe to Domo’s YouTube Channel. If you’re not familiar with Domo, watch a sample below.

Photo via kidsscreen