Big D and The Kids Table to Release DVD Collection

Big D and the Kids Table has posted a trailer on YouTube for a three-disc documentary containing footage spanning the band’s career from 1996 to 2012. It boasts concert foots, all the music videos, and documentaries. It’s entitled “Built Up From Nothing” sharing the name with their 2012 rarities double album and will be released by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

The DVD set will be available October 25th at their annual Halloween shows held this year at Brighton Music Hall.

UPDATE 3/11/14 11:45 AM: Apparently the DVDs didn’t make it to the Halloween shows. They’re scheduled to arrive at lead singer David McWane’s home tomorrow.

UPDATE 3/19/13 10:25 PM: The DVDs can be purchased from the Silver Sprocket web store.

It’s labeled “Trailer 1 of 2” so we’ll let you know when we see the next one posted.

UPDATE 10/5/13 4:45 PM: And here’s trailer 2 of 2!

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