Big D Pens Chants for New England Soccer Team

New England soccer fans rejoice! Or riot! Or celebrate in whatever way you see fit! Boston ska/punk band and New England evangelists Big D and The Kids Table have lent their voices and songwriting prowess to the New England Revolution soccer team. After their annual Halloween gig, they were approached by a fan asking them if they would help write new chants for Revolution fans. The band was more than happy to oblige and the result was four punk rock sing-alongs featuring New England soccer fans singing gang vocals.

MLS blog The Sideline reports:

As if it were match day, a pack of about 25 supporters showed up at Galaxy Park Studios in Watertown, Massachusetts, vocal cords gently lubed with some adult beverages and ready to get in an off-season workout. And despite some friendly ribbing between the groups, all members pulled through without inundating the studio techs with endless takes.

Sounds like a grand old time if you ask me. Watch the video below for a look at the process behind writing and recording the songs. The songs can be streamed here and downloaded for $5 here.

Big D next performs April 16 at the Middle East Upstairs as part of the Title Town festival. The line between Boston sports and music blurs a little more each day. Check the New England Revolution’s schedule for opportunities to sing or scream in support.