Big D Performs “Good Luck” Album Start to Finish for 15th Anniversary

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My first favorite Big D and the Kids Table song was “She Won’t Ever Figure It Out.” Sure it was loaded with friendzone cliches, but such was high school. It appeared on their debut full-length album “Good Luck” released on Asian Man Records in 1999 (or 2000, depending on where you get your information from). It captured the raw, frantic energy of Big D’s unique style of ska-punk.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the album’s release–and probably to help their fans by between Halloween shows–Big D announced they will perform “Good Luck” in it’s entirety on Saturday, May 31 at Paradise Rock Club. The show is back-to-back with their performance at the Apple Stomp II, a two-day ska festival in New York City that same weekend where they will also be playing “Good Luck.” Long-time fans will also be happy to know Marc “The Skipper” Flynn, vocalist from their early days, will also be joining the band (it’s worth noting Flynn has lent his vocals to studio records including “Stomp” since his departure).

Further sweetening the pot, Big D will have copies of “Good Luck” and “Shot By Lammi” (their split with Drexel released in 1997 on Fork in Hand Records, with enough Big D tracks to be considered an LP…) at these shows available on vinyl for the first time.

Tickets for the May 31 show are on sale now. They’ll run you $20 and we’re excited to say this is an all ages show!

UPDATE 4/25/14 5:45 PM: Looks like The Toasters will be opening this show. They’re promising a reunion lineup for the Apple Stomp show the next night, I wonder if we can expect something special here in Boston? </rumor>

UPDATE 5/7/14 8:45 PM: Stray Bullets and Salita have been added to the bill.

Interestingly enough, the band’s Instagram profile proclaims they’re 16 years old, but Wikipedia and Allmusic both list them founded in 1995. Any die-hard fans care to chime in on that one?

Big D and the Kids Table – “Jeremy” – Music Video

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