Big D Posting Videos from “Good Luck” Show on YouTube

Big D and the Kids Table celebrated the 15th anniversary release of their “Good Luck” record this past May at Paradise Rock Club. For those who were there, it was an incredible reunion of fans, music, and band members. We were fortunate enough to interview a few members of Big D before their set.

Little did fans know that the show was being recorded for later release. Last week we were teased that the professionally recorded set would be released on YouTube, a few songs at a time. Today, the band posted theĀ first five songs of the set (and the first five songs off “Good Luck”). The sound at the video is great. Watch below and then wait anxiously for the next batch!

UPDATE 9/7/14 8:30 PM: We’ve created a playlist of all four videos. The first three videos are “Good Luck” and the last video is the “Shot by Lammi” encore. Enjoy!

Big D and the Kids Table – Live at Paradise Rock Club, 5/31/14