Big D Recruits Local Skaters for New Music Video

Photo by flickr user Rob Larsen, CC BY 2.0

Attention all skaters, Big D and the Kids Table is recruiting local talent for a new music video. The band recently looked to Facebook to crowdsource┬ácast members for a video for the song “Oi DJ” off their 7-inch split with The Doped Up Dollies released in October 2015.

Big D is shooting a music video for our new song ‘Oi-DJ’ mid March. We are looking for some local, dope, pro, skaters to do their thing at the Pop Allston indoor skatepark. Hit us up on our FB page if you wanna come down and kill it. It’s gonna be a blast.

The POP Allston skate park opened in 2015 and is free to the general public. You can see some great photos of the space at Boston Skateboarder.

You might remember the music video for “Stepping Out” off of the 2015 record “Stomp” which was made up of what was presumably stock footage of skating.

“Oi DJ” sounded to me like a B-Side from the Doped Up Dollies session. It’s a two-tone tempo tune with Dave McWane up front with support from Maddie Ruthless and The Doped Up Dollies.

You can see both Big D and the Doped Up Dollies at The Middle East on April 16 on day 2 of the Title Town festival.