Boston Mayor Declares Dec 27 Mighty Mighty Bosstones Day

Full disclosure, this article was written on January 5, 2018. December was busy, okay?

The Boston Globe along with many other outlets reported that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh had declared December 27 to be Mighty Mighty Bosstones Day.

Mayor Marty Walsh has made official something fans of the band already knew: Thursday is Mighty Mighty Bosstones Day in Boston. In honor of the plaid-clad rockers’ annual Hometown Throwdown, a series of shows that kicks off tonight at the House of Blues, Hizzoner proclaimed Thursday Mighty Mighty Bosstones Day in the city. Band leader Dicky Barrett and his ska ensemble join Guster, Kathleen Hanna, Patti Smith, Peter Wolf, and Judd Apatow (among others) in getting their very own day courtesy of Mayor Walsh.

That’s cool, I guess? It’s not like we get another day off and it’s increasingly weird that artists like Diana Ross or Guru haven’t been honored with their own day in town. To his credit, Walsh gave New Edition a day and Michael Bivins (the Biv in Bell Biv Devoe) a basketball court.

The article goes on to note that present the proclamation at night 2 of Throwdown, Friday, December 29. I attended Throwdown this year on night 3, but a few folks confirmed it happened and it was awkward. The tweet below contains a photo of the official proclamation.

Curiously, the Globe chose to say “among others,” perhaps intentionally leaving out the fact that Walsh also gave Godsmack a day. Here’s a photo of him in a Godsmack jacket. Giving the Bosstones a day didn’t magically make me forget about this one.

The Globe also interviewed Bosstones vocalist Dicky Barrett before throwdown.