Darkbuster Announce First Show in 6 Years


Well you could have guessed it given recent news, but Darkbuster season is here to stay. Six years after their last performance (the 1999 Hometown Throwdown), the Boston punk/ska band has announced a show at The Sinclair in Cambridge on August 3rd. Naturally, given the circumstances, the show sold out almost immediately this morning leaving many people (read: our staff) without a ticket hoping for the addition of a second show.

However, it’s possible there’s some hope for those who still haven’t gotten a ticket. Tickets sold this morning were originally labelled by Ticketmaster as being part of the presale, with general public tickets being sold this Friday at noon. However, when presale tickets sold out the venue’s Facebook event page slapped a heart-heavy [SOLD OUT] on the page. This created a lot of worried threads today (especially at the Facebook event page) about whether additional tickets will be sold on Friday or not. Regardless, we expect not to be the only ones refreshing the Ticketmaster event page on Friday with reckless abandon.\

UPDATE 4/9/2015: Due to obviously popular demand, a second show has been added on Tuesday, August 4th, the day after the original show. Tickets go on sale Friday 4/10 at noon, and can be purchased via Ticketmaster.

The most intriguing aspect of this news is the last paragraph of the original Dying Scene article, which reads

“A new song last week? A live show announcement this week? Kinda seems like maybe we’re building toward something a little bigger doesn’t it? Stay tuned…”

which means a new album, right? We honestly can’t see how that doesn’t mean a new album. That being said, expect an apology post next week when we find out that Lenny Lashley has a feature on the new Kanye record or that Darkbuster is going electronic for all of their subsequent shows/releases.

Check out Darkbuster’s newest track “No Fear”: