Darkbuster Announces August Sinclair Show

Celebrated Boston punks Darkbuster are following last year’s string of sold-out Boston area shows with a recently announced show on Saturday, August 27th at The Sinclair in Cambridge. Supporting them this time around are CJ Ramone (formerly of the Ramones that you’re thinking of), fellow Boston punks The Warning Shots¬†and Stop Calling Me Frank.

The most interesting reveal in the flyer that came along with the announcement (see below) is that Darkbuster is billed as “The New Darkbuster”, which could mean a few different things. For one, Lenny and Co. have been on a hot streak after reuniting last year with their aforementioned sold-out set of shows (the band’s first since 1999) and a brand new rekkid to boot. This updated moniker could be an indication that this is the band full swing in the middle of it’s second phase. Conversely, the band could be teasing a newly-changed line-up or another shift in overall sound. Whatever the reason, we’ll find out when we get to the gig.

Tickets to the show will be available on Wednesday 6/29 at noon via Ticketmaster. Below, check out “Many Moons”, the lead-off track from last year’s No Revolution.