Download: Jump Up Records 80 Minute New Years Mix



Happy New Year! We hope everyone’s New Year’s celebrations were fun and responsible, and that everyone is able to begin 2015 full of positive feelings and the eventual complete disregard for whatever new years resolutions you came up with at the last minute last night. Age old favorites like “go to the gym more” or “stop using my ex-girlfriend’s email address to sign up for Juggalo dating sites” or even “make one child cry every day” will hopefully be swiftly forgotten so you can return to the same living-for-today-or-whatever-really lifestyle you’ve been putting to good use for years now.

In celebration, Chicago’s Jump Up Records has shared an 80 minute mix of ska/reggae goodness courtesy of DJ Ras Willhelm. The mix is pretty extensive, covering all waves of ska and occasionally adding some obviously-relevant air horns and gun shot noises. Check it out below: