Fender Made a Checkerboard Tim Armstrong Acoustic Guitar

Do you find, local ska fans, that you need more checkerboard stuff? When sitting around an open fire, are you more likely to play “Time Bomb” instead of “Santeria?” Do you like owning gear that gets you attention, but not the good kind of attention? Have we got a new product for you!

This week Fender announced that one of their first new signature guitars of 2018 would be a limited edition Tim Armstrong “Hellcat” acoustic guitar. It’s something:

Listen, I love checkerboard as much as the next ska fan and I’ve got my share of checkered crap. However, this feels a bit more Rick Nielson than Walt Jabsco. What is special, in my humble opinion, are the “Hellcat” and skull inlays that, on a different body, would make this an immediate purchase for any Hellcat Records diehard. No word yet on whether the guitar will come with the 15-foot strap required to help you recreate Tim’s signature playing pose.

Admittedly, I’m not a big gear guy. My acoustic was a hand-me-down and I love it to death but I wouldn’t know the first thing about buying a new one. This one seems to have all the bells and whistles. I played a Fender Acoustic tele that sounded beautiful. Your best bet is to head to your favorite purveyor of guitars and try to play one before you shell out the $400.

Personally, I’m more likely to go for the Avril Lavigne Telecaster because 1) it’s a telecaster, duh, 2) the checkerboard pickguard is a bit more subtle, and 3) “Girlfriend” is an objectively good song (don’t @ me).

Just think, this could be you: