Fishbone Aims to Get Unstuck in 2015 in Mini Documentary

Fishbone Press Photo by Steady Jenny

We all get stuck in ruts. Whether it’s with our friends, at work, at school, or in our relationships, it happens. The questions is how do we get “unstuck.” Genre-defying legends Fishbone recently addressed just this question in a recent video. Bassist Norwood Fisher wonders “wow, how did we survive?” In the video below, he and lead vocalist Angelo Moore reflect on making music as long as they have. “It’s all soul music, I do everything with soul, even if it’s punk rock” says Moore. They’re answering questions but it’s curious who’s asking them. While in my mind, they proved themselves long ago, this 8-minute clip finds them proving they’re still the pioneers we know them to be. Much like their full-length documentary “Everyday Sunshine,” the members of the band really open up.

According to IMDB, this video is intended to pick up where the documentary leaves off. A watch through the video leaves me to believe they’ve got bigger things in mind. Angelo alludes to creating a series of webisodes based on each track of their most recent EP. It’s unclear whether or not this is the first or if it’s just a prelude. Watch below:

“Unstuck” is the first track off Fishbone’s latest EP “Intrinsically Intertwined” released in April 2014. “Get that gum right off your shoes, pick yourself right out that glue.” I think the band is making it clear to us that they are not stuck and they’ve still got everything that makes their music so unique.

“Intrinsically Intertwined” can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and on colorful vinyl from Asbestos Records. Listen to the EP in full below.

It’s also worth noting that Fishbone opened up night 1 of this past year’s Mighty Mighty Bosstones Hometown Throwdown. I was sad to have missed it because it was undoubtedly a memorable event!

Fishbone – “Ma & Pa” – House of Blues, 12/26/14, Hometown Throwdown 17