FuseTV Premiers Music Video for Less Than Jake’s “Do The Math”; Director Shares Behind the Scenes

Less Than Jake | Do The Math | 7inchJust two days ago, Fuse premiered a music video for Less Than Jake’s “Do the Math,” track 5 off their most recent release, “See the Light.” This is the second song from that record to get a video, following the very DIY feeling My Money Is on the Long Shot. This video is entirely animated, and beautifully I might add. Its playfulness is reminiscent of the video for  The Science of Selling Yourself Short but also gives a nod to Fantasia, breathing life into otherwise inanimate objects. I really loved it. “Do the Math” was also recently released as a 7-inch with the b-side “Connect the Dots.” The cover art for that 45 is also unique with its chalkboard-math-problem vibe (it looks even better in real life, just sayin’).

When he talked to Alternative Press last year, giving the backstories of every track, drummer Vinnie Fiorello shared a bit about “Do the Math:”

When I was younger, everything seemed so desperate. Life was littered with former friends, former passions and far away dreaming but as time goes on you realize there are only a handful of things that truly mean something. That authentic connection comes few and far between, so you realize how rare it is when it comes along.

There’s also a commentary track (think liner notes but in audio form, similar to DVD commentary) which can be heard on Spotify.

Shortly following the debut of the video, the music video’s director Matt Frodsham posted a very in-depth “making of” blog post detailing the creative process behind the video. He’s very honest in his description of what the lyrics meant to him personally:

When I arrived at Do The Math, the lyrics seemed particularly affecting. Without getting too personal, the last couple of years have been a struggle regarding life balance. The frustration of time slipping away while having limited energy to expel took its toll (thankfully I was able to make changes and start to turn that around). When I finally heard the record a couple of months later, it came as no surprise that the heavy lyrics I’d read for this particular song were set to the most uplifting singalong music on it.

It’s a long-ish read, but it’s worth it. I know so little about video production, let alone animation and it’s a really fascinating look. The video and the stories surrounding it just make one of my favorite tracks from “See the Light” more interesting and meaningful

Less Than Jake next passes through Boston on July 10 with the Vans Warped Tour.

via Fuse TV