Generoso’s Bovine Ska and Rocksteady Radio Show Airs Last Episode

Generosos Bovine Ska and Rocksteady Photo by Hannah Brotman

Photo by Hannah Brotman used with Permission

Generoso’s Bovine Ska and Rocksteady radio show on WMBR 88.1 FM has been spreading the gospel of Jamaican music since 1996. Generoso and his wife Lily have been sharing their favorite music every Tuesday (er, Wednesday) from 12am to 2am. This past March they marked their 1,000th episode! We dropped the ball on that one but The Boston Hassle has the story and an interview with host Generoso Fierro:

I would love to do the show forever if I could. Even after 19 years, I still get excited every time that I get behind the mic with Lily to present the audience with some of the vinyl discoveries that I have made since the last time I was on the air. The day may soon arrive where we have to leave this town, but we will always do this show as a podcast at least. We love the folks who tune in every week, and we will gladly keep that going for as long we can in whatever format we can find.

That day finally arrived as Generoso announced he was moving to Los Angeles. The last episode aired this past Wednesday, April 29. Not to stray from the format, the last episode was the third in a series highlighting the work of Keith “Slim” Smith and featured a fantastic mix of reggae, rocksteady, ska, and calypso. Generoso and Lily reminisced about the show’s 19 year history sharing stories and comments from the audience.

Generosos Bovine Ska and Rocksteady - Generoso and Lily

Photo via the Facebook Group

The show acquired a very sincere fan base over the year’s. The show’s Facebook group is filled with tributes to the show and well-wishes from listeners. It’s clear the show has had an impact on the Boston ska community and it will be missed.

The final episode and the April 22 episode can still be streamed at WMBR’s archive, but note they’ll be taken down soon. For those who are just now getting to know Generoso and Lily, fear not, they announced on their last show that they would be continuing on as a podcast. I’m personally a fan of radio shows that release their episodes as podcasts, giving me a time to catch up and listen while I’m stuck on the T.

We wish Generoso and Lily the best of luck in their travels and we look forward to hearing their new podcast! Below is one track from their last episode for me. I first heard this song performed by The Beatdown. I didn’t know it was a cover until this past week. So thank you for teaching me right up until the last minute.

Delroy Wilson – “I Want Justice”