Ghosts of Throwdowns Past: Bosstones Stuck in Neverending State of Throwback

Let’s be honest, when Bosstones announced a Rathskeller (“The Rat”) themed Hometown Throwdown this year, they had basically won the Throwback Thursday game, and it doesn’t matter what day they announced it on. They dug deep and pulled out bands I had never seen or heard of, forcing me to step up my Boston punk and ska game. Always the educators, the Bosstones have been using their Instagram account to introduce new fans to their openers as well as take the obligatory walks down Bosstones memory lane. Needless to say, it’s not just photos of their dunks. They take advantage of the caption space and really give you some background beyond the 15-second limit of the videos.

You don’t even need to be an Instagram user to enjoy. Check out their profile, bosstoneofficial. Enjoy some highlights below.

If you’re an Instagram user yourself, don’t forget to tag your photos #bostonska!

Unused footage from a video shoot?


The plaidest of the plaids?


Um, Footage from the 2nd Throwdown? The place looks kinda empty…


Obscure openers, too!