Happy New Year’s, Baby!

It snowed at throwdown! At least the first night....
It snowed at throwdown! At least the first night….

Happy New Year’s, folks! While we’ve only been live for a couple of months, I want to thank everyone who’s read, commented, submitted a show, idea, or asked about getting involved. My only hope has been to supplement what’s already a lively, friendly scene and I want to thank those who have welcomed me both on and offline.

Things are already on the up and up. I put together a calendar the other day and we’ve already gotten good feedback. Hopefully in early 2013, we’ll take care of some styling and make this site a little more Bostonian (but not like the shoe).

Want to get involved in any way? Here’s where we could use help:

  • Show reviews
  • Artist interviews
  • Updating show listings
  • Blogging on the topic of your choice (State of the scene? Your new favorite band? Memoirs of shows gone by? Your choice)
  • WordPress theme styling
  • Any other idea you might have!

Just email jake (at) bostonska (dot) net and we’ll get things going.

Happy New Year’s, all! Looking forward to more ska in 2013!