Hobo Chili Releases New Album “Salt of the Earth”

Boston-based band Hobo Chili released a new full-length album today called “Salt of the Earth.” The record follows their 2016 EP “Warm Beer” and 2015 debut self-titled album. “Salt of the Earth” features the band’s signature horn-driven mix of ska, punk, funk, and everything else you might find in a delicious pot of musical chili.

The band says “the album is a conceptual compilation of sounds and stories that attempts to be uniquely American, focusing on our people’s messy trials and tribulations.”


The album is available today on Bandcamp and YouTube with a future scheduled release on other streaming sites. “Salt of the Earth” is also available on CD via Bandcamp where the band’s full discography is on sale right now for $11.

Hobo Chili – “Shortcut” Music Video

Earlier this year, the band released a music video for “Shortcut,” track 10 off “Salt of the Earth.”