Hometown Throwdown Openers Announced; RadioBDC Giving Away Tickets

Late last week, RadioBDC told us that Dicky Barrett was going to be on the radio with a huge announcement. The announcement itself was (yawn) that RadioBDC was going to be presenting Hometown Throwdown 15. The best part about it was that Dicky wasn’t even so sure of the announcement himself. Sounds like he got the memo but didn’t read it so closely. Listen to the awkward conversation:

What was significant was that they posted a few more openers for the Hometown Throwdown on their website (and possibly on the radio show but I tuned out shortly after they went back to music). So far we know: Dogmatics open Dec 29, Bouncing Souls on Dec 30, Big D and Amazing Royal Crowns on Dec 31. I’ve got tickets to the 29th so I naturally had to go listen to the Dogmatics. They’ve got a garage-y Ramones thing going on.

It’s not bad. But, again, it bums me out that it’s all reunions and nostalgia acts (yes, I’m aware that Big D and Bouncing Souls are active but they’re not exactly desperate for exposure). And I’ve never actually seen The Amazing Royal Crowns and I’m considering getting tickets for that night. Here’s hoping they add more bands to the bill…

Can’t afford to shell out for tickets? RadioBDC is giving them away. It’s worth every chance you can to escape ticket fees, but here’s where you can buy tickets.

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