Jeff Rosenstock Releases New Album “POST-“

…and just like that, it’s The New Year (Welcome, 2018! See you in hell, 2017!), and with it comes the inevitable new year’s resolutions doomed to never make it past the first week of the year. Whether it be to go to the gym, learn a new language, or sweat less every time you go to IHOP (don’t ask), everyone seems to have the same idea of using the new year as a fresh start for a new habit.

Mine, as luck would have it, was to write more than a handful of things this year, and I was set to completely forget about that goal come tomorrow until I got wind of some Seriously Good Ass Shit. Jeff Rosenstock, in what seems like a deliberate callout to my lack of motivation, has released a new 10-track record called POST-. A cursory glance at the lengthy detail section at the bottom of the album’s Bandcamp page shows some incredibly welcome surprises, including two very looooong songs and guest vocals across the record from Chris Farren, Laura Steveson, and Canadian punk band Pup.

The album was released on Polyvinyl Records, with a physical release due to ship on March 23rd. The album is up as a “pay-what-you-want” download on Bandcamp and Jeff’s Quote Unquote Records, with 10% of all proceeds going to United For Puerto Rico. Listen to the full record/AOTYSF below: