Jeff Rosenstock Releases New Album “Worry.”

Today, Jeff Rosenstock released Worry., his third solo record and the follow-up to the phenomenal We Cool?. The album is Stereogum’s Album of The Week, and initial impressions are about as positive as one would expect from a new Jeff Rosenstock project (it rips.)

The album is available for physical purchase via SideOneDummy, or as a donation-based digital download from Jeff’s Quote Unquote Records. Check out that new shit below, as well as the recently-released documentary of the making of Worry., which includes both snippets from every song on the album and a confusing nightmare sequence.


Alex Chiasson

Alex Chiasson is a writer for Boston Ska (dot) net. Alex's first experience with ska involved referring to it as "that music with the horns, right?" He's gotten better with categorization, but he also has this weird thing about staying humble. You can see Alex perform with The New Limits.

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