Last Chance to Pre-Order Crazy Baldhead Album

When we last touched base with Slackers guitarist Agent Jay, he was preparing to release their new album. He also hinted that he was finishing up a new release for his own project, Crazy Baldhead. He last released the “Boots Embraces” LP in 2014. In a very short amount of time, his new record, “The Stereo Prophecy & Electric Hymns” was funded on the boutique crowdfunder Big Tunes. As the funding goal has already been reached, this is purely a pre-order opportunity. As with any kickstarter style purchase, now is the time to buy if you want any of the rewards offered to funders. Head to Big Tunes to claim your package.

What can we expect? Jay describes his process.

I had been thinking about something electric. Something plugged-in. Somewhere between Acid Rock and Punk but driven by the bass and drums. Not just Reggae with electric guitars…but Electric Reggae. Mixing this record myself, I found myself briefly under the spell of the Cult of Mono. The density, the purity of One sound. Who needs two channels? But the heresy of stereo soon won me back.

Trippy. Preview the album below. Guests include Maddie Ruthless, Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites, and Dan “Brukky” Klein of The Frightnrs.