Look At This Dog

In the past ten minutes, it has come to my attention (h/t Jake) that Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish brings his dog, Walter, on tour with the band, and that Walter has his own Instagram account. Walter is a good name for a dog, very… dignified?, and evidence suggests that Walter is a Good Boy. Evidence in question:

There he is! Look at his headphones! Walter understands the danger of tinnitus. And the ascot! Wow.


There’s our guy, startled by the sound of a trumpet being played next to him!


Here he is again! What a durable harness!


What a stud! So majestic!

Alright, so technically this one isn’t the same dog, but, yknow, it is a picture of a dog, so

fuck it

OK! This seems about long enough to be a blog post on a website! PUBLISH POST

Oh and Reel Big Fish might have a new single coming out or something.