Look At This Dog

In the past ten minutes, it has come to my attention (h/t Jake) that Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish brings his dog, Walter, on tour with the band, and that Walter has his own Instagram account. Walter is a good name for a dog, very… dignified?, and evidence suggests that Walter is a Good Boy. Evidence in question:

There he is! Look at his headphones! Walter understands the danger of tinnitus. And the ascot! Wow.

There’s our guy, startled by the sound of a trumpet being played next to him!

Here he is again! What a durable harness!

What a stud! So majestic!

Alright, so technically this one isn’t the same dog, but, yknow, it is a picture of a dog, so

fuck it

OK! This seems about long enough to be a blog post on a website! PUBLISH POST

Oh and Reel Big Fish might have a new single coming out or something.

Alex Chiasson

Alex Chiasson is a writer for Boston Ska (dot) net. Alex's first experience with ska involved referring to it as "that music with the horns, right?" He's gotten better with categorization, but he also has this weird thing about staying humble. You can see Alex perform with The New Limits.

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