Mad Caddies Release “Dirty Rice” on Fat Wreck; First New Record in Seven Years

Mad Caddies

Today, California ska band Mad Caddies released “Dirty Rice,” their first full-length album in seven years, on Fat Wreck. The album can be streamed at Spotify and below. The album marks their sixth release (by my count) and is just as adventurous as every record before. The band continues to fine-tune their songwriting and their forays into other genres. The first two streams (singles?), “Brand New Scar” and “Down and Out,” were hardly ska, but undeniably Mad Caddies in their sound. The album is complete with anthemic punk, socal reggae, bouncy rocksteady, and genres I really don’t have the authority to comment on. I hesitate to call the record or the band avant-garde because of the connotations that come with it, but they really are progressive and experimental and not in the prog-rock way.

They’ve been on tour nationally through April and May, but the closest they’ll get to us is NYC on May 16th. The album is available on CD directly from Fat Wreck.