Members of Less Than Jake and Westbound Train Found Rarebreed Recording Company

rare breed recording square

This afternoon, Obi Fernandez of Westbound Train announced the start of a new record label founded by himself and Less Than Jake drummer, Vinnie Fiorello. Vinnie is no stranger to the business side, having founded labels Fueled By Ramen, Paper + Plastick, and Less Than Jake’s own Sleep It Off Records. The two have already proven their abilities to delivery quality tunes. Obi’s stellar 2012 debut solo effort Confessions, Waves and the Garden State was released on Paper + Plastick.

We’ve only got a few details on what we can expect from Rare Breed. The first release will be a subscription series that “aims to be a favorite for any fan of Soul and Reggae music” with a few established band lending their names to the project:

The Flexi Project is a fresh and fun assortment of audible goodness for all collectors and groove heads out there. The first release from new label, Rare Breed Recording Company aims to be a favorite for any fan of Soul and Reggae music. Coupled with creative packaging and dynamic tunes, Rare Breed’s promise is to give the listener an over the top experience both audibly and visually. Label founders Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake) and Obi Fernandez (Westbound Train) have already enlisted bands like The Slackers, Westbound Train and more. This Subscription based release is Rare Breed’s introduction to the world and will be sure to keep us all wanting more.

The label’s website’s “about” section is laid out as letters from each of the founders, telling the story of the label’s conception. Vinnie says “We started to formulate a label that put out only the one type of music we both have loved, Rare Breed was born. A label we hope to make you fall in love with everything we release.” Obi says “Teaming up with my friend Vinnie Fiorello was a no brainer in terms of choosing my partner in crime that would have a similar love for Ska, Reggae and Soul music.  Rarebreed was born out of a desire to be a part of your sound track and the home to a music that we respect and admire.

Check out the label’s website, Facebook page, and watch the video below for a taste of what’s to come in 2014.