New Stray Bullets Song Featured On Dying Scene Compilation

Dying Music for a Dying Scene Cover Art

Dying Scene Records recently released a new compilation featuring two songs by Boston punk/ska band Stray Bullets. Stray Bullets’ most recent album “Ghost Town Rockers” was released in 2014 on Dying Scene so it seems they’ve found a good home for their sound!

The first song is New Prisons, a personal favorite from “Ghost Town Rockers.” The second is a new song entitled “Long Ride Home.” It’s a great ska tune that could have fit just as well on GTR. We noted back in February that the band was back in the studio, but it’s unclear whether or not this tune is a taste of what’s to come. Turns out they’re planning a split with The Warning Shots, as reported by Dying Scene (we totally missed that one, our bad).

The compilation¬†is available via Dying Scene’s Bandcamp page¬†and you can name your own price. Listen below and buy if you dig what you hear.