Overlooked in 2014: Sharkanoid Brings the… Sharks?


I’ll be the first to admit that coming across a band with an unusual name makes me so much more interested in the band than a name that is “normal” or often “accepted in modern society”. Bands like Diarrhea Planet or anything that could be classified as “Witch House” fill me with an intense curiosity that might be akin to heroin withdrawal. The latest occurrence of this sense of discovery came late last month, when i discovered the band Sharkanoid almost three months too late. This post is the fourth in our Overlooked in 2014 series.

Sharkanoid is the brainchild/merger of Dan Potthast (known for fronting MU330, along with his solo work) and Mustard Plug bassist Rick Johnson. Together, the two established musicians have made an album, aptly titled Have A Great Summer, full of energetic pop-punk tunes that form a quasi-concept album about youthful joy and anticipation for the onset of summer.

As with anything Dan Potthast does, brevity is the name of the game. Only a handful of these twelve tracks reach over two and half minutes in length, which gives the record a fleeting presence that fits well with the album’s theme. Several songs are deceptively simple, like the minute long “Follow The Leader” or the chorus-reliant “Michelle”. The simplicity of these songs turn out to ultimately be a plus, as they accentuate the incredibly catchy melodies that stick with you hours after the album has ended. Additionally, several songs on the album (most overtly “Fall Into Shame” and “Seriously Sarah”) have contributions from ya boiii Jeff Rosenstock and ya grrrl Laura Stevenson.

Have A Great Summer was released  last October by the always-excellent Community Records. A free download of the album is available via Community Records’ website, and if you like what you hear we recommend shilling out some cash for the physical release!

BIG TUNES: Chemicals, Fall Into Shame, Michelle

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