Paper + Plastick Offers Free Pomps Download in Anticipation of New Release

On May 27, The Pomps will release “Indie Rock is Dying” via Paper + Plastick records. The pop/reggae band has been teasing us with a new release for quite a while now so we’re excited to see they’ve set a date. P+P recently released the cover art as if they knew fans were getting antsy. The record features a few tunes they’ve been performing live and a few songs we’ve yet to hear!

The Pomps Indie Rock is Dying Cover ArtTrack Listing

  1. All My Guns
  2. How To Lure People
  3. Downbeat Diner
  4. Mitts a Twit
  5. Halo vs. King Django
  6. Indie Rock is Dying

“All My Guns” appeared on the 2015/16 Rarebreed Recording Company sampler and is now available as a download direct from P+P.

The Pomps recently completed a short west coast tour and next be seen on April 16, day 2 of the Title Town ska festival.