Poor Jeremy “Poop Jerem” Shirts For Sale

poor jeremy poop jerem t-shirt

Poop Jerem Poor Jeremy have recently revealed shirts for purchase via their Bandcamp page. Available in grey and white, sales from the shirts will go towards funding the band’s upcoming full length album. We don’t have the census data in front of us, but we’re willing to bet there’s a decent sample of the population that is dying to use this as an excuse to casually wear a shirt with a toilet/the word “poop” on it, so these puppies could sell out fast!

Poop Jerem has a string of shows coming up, but can be seen next on March 14th at Milhaus in Allston (ask a band/band member/event page/Google for the address) with Meracula, A Minor Revolution, and eyenine. The show is $5 for admittance and is being put on by Coach & Sons Olde Time Family booking.

Listen to Poor Jeremy’s 2013 EP Spare Change: