Poor Jeremy, The Hempsteadys & More Featured On Choke Artist Compilation

This month, New Jersey Ska/Punk Label Choke Artist has released An Original Blend… Of Ska, Punk and Hardcore, a 17-track compilation with a title that makes my job laughably easy. The comp features a pretty diverse roster of bands, from a slew of Community Records-related bands (Stuck Lucky, The Best of The Worst, Murphy’s Kids) to Connecticut’s The Hempsteadys (who made an appearance at The Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain earlier this month). Notably, Boston’s own Poor Jeremy (RIP) is included, with the track “Ignorance is Bliss” off this year’s excellent It Could Always Be Worst (read our review of that record here). The entire compilation is currently available as a name-your-price download, with physical CDs available for $5. Check it out below, and head to Choke Artist’s bandcamp for more ska/punk/hardcore releases.

Alex Chiasson

Alex Chiasson is a writer for Boston Ska (dot) net. Alex's first experience with ska involved referring to it as "that music with the horns, right?" He's gotten better with categorization, but he also has this weird thing about staying humble. You can see Alex perform with The New Limits.

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