Rarebreed Recording Presents Debut Single From The Young Ones Feat. Anthony Raneri

rare breed recording squareWe’ve talked previously about Rarebreed Recording Company, the new record label from members of Less Than Jake and Westbound Train. This week, the label released it’s first single, the debut track from ska/reggae act The Young Ones. The self-titled track is a fitting debut, as it is a cover of the ’60s Cliff Richard and The Shadows song from which the band got their name. Featuring Anthony Raneri from New York punk band Bayside, The Young Ones put a surprising amount of doo-wop influence onto this track, which you can hear below via Rarebreed Recording’s Soundcloud.

This track will be the first of the planned seven flexi-disk set the label will be putting out this year. The subscription service, which is currently shipping now, will mail out a new single every two months that fit in a collector’s storage box (pictured above). Singles ordered by subscribed members will be on white flexi-disk vinyl, and standalone orders will come as black vinyl limited to 135 orders. Subscribe to the service and get a copy of the track here.

Check out the Rarebreed Recording Company on Facebook, and be sure to check back for more updates during the new label’s exciting 2015.