Riki Rocksteady Meets The Allstonians Thursday at The Sinclair

We’ve known for some time that our own Riki Rocksteady would be the local support for Thursday’s show at The Sinclair, featuring The Slackers and Mephiskapheles. We also knew that The Slacker’s would have Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites joining them. We had safely assumed that Riki would be either performing solo or would be backed by The Arraignments. Last week, The Allstonians announced they would be Riki’s backing band for this Thursday’s show, making for a truly Bostonian collaboration.

They’ve been rehearsing together and have been kind enough to share two videos. The first is the swinging ska “Oh Girl.”

The second is the rocksteady tune “My Love.”

We can safely say that Thursday night at The Sinclair in Cambridge will be a unique evening. Grab your tickets and join the Facebook event. Your next chance to catch The Allstonians performing as their own material will be Saturday, December 27th at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge at 10:30pm.

As always, check the calendar for a list of upcoming Boston area shows.

UPDATE 12/16/14 8:45 AM: And here they are performing Riki’s “Rude Faith”: